Rainbow KnightLight
LGBTQ-Friendly Blog, Event Log, and Link Sharing Site

Rainbow KnightLight is an online LGBTQ* resource created by members of the St. Norbert College Rainbow Alliance** (visit their official site here). While the official site is a great tool for the group, the creators of this blog felt there was a need for an additional, interactive space – one that would inspire a dialogue between Rainbow Alliance members, the St. Norbert College community, and anyone else seeking information about or a connection with the LGBTQ community.

* The standard acronym used on this site is representative of the longer, more inclusive acronym LGBTQQIAA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally). Although we typically shorten the acronym, this does not in any way indicate a lack of support for the omitted identities – Rainbow KnightLight is a space for everyone!

**Please note that although Rainbow KnightLight was founded by members of the St. Norbert College Rainbow Alliance, we present only factual information regarding this student organization. The views expressed on Rainbow KnightLight are those of individual Rainbow Alliance members and are not intended to represent the views of Rainbow Alliance as a collective entity, St. Norbert College, the Catholic Church, or any individuals affiliated with St. Norbert College, unless explicitly stated on this site.

A guided tour of RKL:

On the Home page, you will see our latest posts, an application that allows you to contact a Rainbow Alliance Ally Mentor directly via instant messaging, and a few sets of internal and external links. The blog itself is used to share ideas, links, news, event announcements, information, and opinions about LGBTQ issues.

Our Link Collection is an index of the sites we have found to be particularly useful/interesting/helpful/generally amazing. If you’re looking for information about anything LGBTQ-related, you’ll find what you need (or at least a good place to start) right here!

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