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Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

If you go to school or work at St. Norbert, stop by the Campus Center at 7:30 for our Bisexuality Discussion Panel. If not, show your bi or ally pride by celebrating wherever you happen to be.

Some background info about the day:
Celebrate Bisexuality Day has been observed on September 23 since 1990. The day is an opportunity for bisexual, fluid, pansexual and generally queer-identified people and their families, friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate their history, community and culture and the contributions bisexual/pansexual people have made to both the greater LGBT Community as well as to and mainstream culture.

This celebration of the bisexual, fluid and pansexual community in particular, as opposed to general LGBT events, was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of the bisexual and pansexual persons by some in both the straight and greater LGBT communities.

It features events ranging from picnics and house-parties to discussion groups and poetry-readings . There are dinner parties and dances in Toronto and a large masquerade ball in Queensland, Australia. At Texas A&M University, the week featured discussion panels and question-and-answer sessions. Princeton University celebrates this day each year by throwing a party at its LGBT Center. It has also been celebrated in Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
(source: BiNet USA)

Especially if you can’t make it to the panel, try taking Scarleteen’s Bisexuality Quiz to “check your Bi-Q!”

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